School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT)

School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SBATs) are perfect for high school students who want to get a head start in their career.

What is a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT)?

An SBAT offers students the option of combining a senior secondary program with part-time employment, school and training. SBATs allow high school students to combine school and training with working in a real job, for a real wage.

Your SBAT experience at New Futures Training will tick all the below boxes:

Advantages of undertaking an SBAT

By undertaking an SBAT while completing a senior secondary certificate, a student may

  • incorporate vocational training and work into their senior secondary program
  • gain credit towards their VCE or VCAL certificate
  • complete a senior secondary certificate whilst experiencing the pathway of their choice
  • get a jumpstart on their career
  • earn money
  • gain valuable skills and knowledge in their chosen field, and
  • get hands-on experience.
What are the basic requirements?

An SBAT is an integral part of the student’s senior secondary learning program and study timetable. 

Regular school attendance is combined with a minimum of one timetabled day a week of employment and/or structured training. 

The time requirements of work and training for the SBAT are undertaken at an average of 13 hours a week over each four month period, each year.

Who is eligible to undertake an SBAT?

SBATs are open to students who are:

In certain cases, select non-citizens holding a Bridging Visa E, Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa may be eligible to undertake a VTG subsidised SBAT.

How are SBATs paid?

You will be employed under the traineeship section of either the Children’s Services Award 2010 or Social Community Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010 which sets out the wage and conditions of employment.

What will New Futures Training do?

We will support you to successfully complete your SBAT and

Completion of your SBAT program

On successful completion of your training you will receive, within 4 weeks, the qualification which will be issued by New Futures Training. You will receive credit towards your VCE or VCAL certificate.

Student Support

New Futures Training places high priority on providing student support, security and safety and we do our best to enhance support services so that students feel welcomed and valued - making the experience of studying a positive one. 

This is why we have trained welfare workers on our staff who are there to help you. Most students enjoy their training but sometimes problems arise. If you are experiencing any difficulties or need help, either personal or study related, please contact your school or course trainer/workplace supervisor if you need to chat about anything.

School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) is available in the following courses: