Learning Together

Parents and children can learn English together while children are also supported to develop their first language skills.

This program has brought me many benefits. I feel increasingly confident talking to other people.

Parents and children learn English together



The Learning Together program includes a two-hour English class for parents while their children enjoy an early learning and care program in an adjacent room. This is followed by a playgroup where parents and children come together to have fun and practice their language through stories, music and songs.

Some of our Learning Together programs are pre-accredited and supported by the ACFE program.


A beginner All Talk program is also offered for parents who want to practice their initial English language and communication skills with their children, through play-based learning, prior to participating in the more structured Learning Together program.

Both programs are offered free of charge at local schools and community centres that are easily accessible.


Learning Together Program - Coolaroo South Primary School

Coolaroo South Primary School,

Bushfield crescent, 

Coolaroo VIC 3048



9.00am - 12.00pm (School term)

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