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Reflecting on the year 2020

3 MIN READ May 13, 2021

CEO message & Annual Report 2019 - 2020

As we gradually return to our offices and adapt to the ‘new normal’, my heart is full of reflection on what we as an organisation and team have achieved the past year.  

Many times, over the past 10 months I have been filled with astonishment and admiration as our team, families and young people have risen to every challenge that presented itself. It is amazing what can be achieved when imagination and energy is harnessed to a common purpose, and when necessity is harnessed to the belief that anything is possible. 

The success of our organisation has depended on our ability to offer opportunities to every person who seeks our help, seeks inspiration and seeks a new and brighter future. What we have achieved on a daily basis this past year is the real spirit of VICSEG New Futures.  

We have learned a lot from each other this year. Those challenges that we have all met together are new challenges; the tools we have used to meet them, were also new to us all. But the values and the spirit that lay behind the achievements of 2020 is as old as the organisation itself.   

Our 2019-2020 Annual Report captures some of the key highlights from the year as well as personal accounts from community members and staff.  

And finally, the video below sums up the resilience and good humour of staff and the families, young people and students with whom we work and is a credit to you all as well as them. Enjoy! 

Thank you, 

Maree Raftis 
Chief Executive Officer

VICSEG New Futures Annual Report 2020 - Part 1 Impact and Outcomes

VICSEG New Futures Annual Report 2021 - Part 2 Financial Performance

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